Biographical sketch

A.F.Inam received his early education in the metropolitan cities of India -- Nanital, Agra and A.M.U. Having developed a keen interest in Philosophy he even proposed to participate in the international conference of Philosophy despite being just a under graduate hons , for his graduate studies he secured admission to the reputed and acclaimed A.M.U where he excelled and was not only awarded merit scholar ship for three consecutive years he was also awarded gold medal in Philosophy in his Final Year.

A.F.Inam was drawn to the world of films while he was an Graduate student at A.M.U because of an overwhelming exposure to the best of world cinema through his involvement with the extra-curricular activities of the Film Club there following which he was appointed as literary and cultural secretary in the university.

The films that were screened regularly in the film societies in A.M.U were Japanese, European, American and Indian classics of cinema. His interest in cinema grew and it was him being awarded BEST DIRECTOR award at an all India open university Drama Competition after string of cultural and literary awards on the university level that led finally to a crucial decision: of adopting this filed despite being a gold medalist at graduation.

On completion of the graduation Hons he did a certificate course from a film and television institute in Delhi.

He then worked with Mr.Ashraf Hussain in Lucknow doordarshan for New Years Eve Project and there after joined Mr.Farooq Siddiqui as apprentice for the serial Sangarsh Mile Sur Mera Tumhara in Mumbai. Shortly after that he joined Mr.Esmayeel Shroff as assistant Director for the Movie Tarkieb.

His first project as an independent Director was Zameer on Doordarshan that was produced by Nalanda T.V and Mukta Arts.

There after he continued working with Nalanda T.V working as a creative director for their serials Sukhano Ya.

He Then Joined Creative Dreams as a creative director and worked on their various project including series on Charlie Chaplin.

In Year 2004 was signed up for two movies one by Ayshman cine Vision titled "Gen Next" and other by Friends Music Tilted Damad Ji. Damad ji went on to become one of the biggest successes Bhojpuri Industry.

After a stint with the advertising world and several award-winning short films and documentaries, the first big break for A.F.Inam came when he was offered the Technical Director of the feature film "Love ka Tadka" by Adhikari Brothers in 2008.

Simultaneously as he has launched an advertising agency he was also working with Vertika Films "Mohandas".

In year 2010 he partnered with Rahul Mahajan to produce a Reality Show on Turner Imagine even that was well received and widely applauded among the cross section of society.

Since release of these two films, his creative powress coupled with marketing skills has been acknowledged.

His most recent work as Director is "Code Red" which is shortly due to go on air on Doordarshan, with Boobna Entertainment pvt. Limited.

All along A.F.Inam has pursued a parallel interest in producing and directing non-fiction films on subjects that interest him.

Non-fiction work

A.F.Inam's film on Polio Awareness featuring Superstar Salman Khan for Rotary International fetched him rave reviews.

His Campaign on education along with T.P.Bhatia College and University of Cambridge also won him rave reviews got him nominated for RASTRIYA SAMAN AWARDS 2010.

All along A.F.Inam has pursued a parallel interest in producing and directing non-fiction films on subjects that interest him.

Current project

A.F.Inam is currently working as director for his home production series Gubar the same has already been commissioned by Doordarshan. © Copyright 2012 - 2022 : All Rights Reserved